About Our Food

We make your Curry in the same way that we would make a Curry for ourselves, we don't cut any corners and everything is made using fresh ingredients.

We are trying to keep the menu short so that we can pay more attention to detail when preparing your dish. We are dedicated to healthy cooking and all of our curries are low in fat without cutting down or changing any ingredients.

All of our Curries are cooked very mild and we can adjust the spiciness to your liking. Don't forget to tell us your liking when your placing your order.

A good curry bursting with deep flavour takes about 2 hours to cook. When you order a Curry from a take-away or a restaurant, typically you are getting pre-cooked produce. The sauce and meat are mixed together after they have been cooked separately. This defeats the object of the meat being infused with the deep flavour of the sauce.

The 'eat out' curry also has a very unhealthy layer of oil floating at the top, our Curry's do not have this layer of oil.
When we prepare the meat, we try to ensure that all fat, bones and blood are removed. We also thoroughly wash any meat and vegetables before they go into a curry.

All of our curries are cooked in our new modern home kitchen. We are very keen on maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in our home kitchen. You can be assured that you will be receiving a product that has been prepared, cooked and delivered to a standard that you would see in a high class establishment.